Skid Row’s Dave Sabo Recalls Writing The Worst Songs With Phil Anselmo

Deniz Kivilcim

Dave Sabo of Skid Row has recently talked to Spin about his years on tour. Listing Moscow Music Peace Festival, New Jersey Syndicate Tour, and Slave to the Grind Tour ’92, Sabo recalls his first time meeting Pantera.

Having met Phil Anselmo on Slave to the Grind Tour, Sabo mentioned a memory he can’t forget:

“We’d hang out on each other’s buses. So, on one night, I was on Philip’s bus and we were up ‘til four in the morning writing the worst songs–awful, awful songs that were 15 seconds long and they were just terrible. He still has the dictaphone tapes with those songs somewhere. But luckily nobody got hurt that tour and I have these tremendous, happy memories from being out there with them.”

Even after the tour, they maintained their friendship. In an earlier interview with Blabbermouth on March 2021, he confirmed still being in touch with Anselmo. He said:

Philip has been my buddy since [Pantera] toured with [Skid Row] in 1992, and we’ve always maintained a really close relationship. We’re the least likely of people to be really good friends, but yet we are.”

Listen to Skid Row’s latest studio album ‘The Gang’s All Here’ here.


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