Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls Belittles Paul McCartney’s Performance

Serra Ozturk

Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls recently chatted with American Songwriter about his new single ‘Must Crush Barbie’ and revealed his anti-inspiration, a bass player he wouldn’t like to sound like. The rocker explained:

“Well, I hate to say this about a rock idol, so to speak. But I thought, I’m never going to be like Paul McCartney with that little—it looks like he’s playing a ukulele or something. It was kind of an anti-inspiration.”

He recalled the one time he played track that kind of sounded like he was playing the ukulele. Derek added:

“And I actually did play a Höfner at one point on ‘Rainy Day Sun,’ the old ‘Tap song. And it did feel like playing the bloody ukulele.”

Aside from his displeasure with McCartney’s ukulele performance, his new track ‘Must Crush Barbie’ came to life from his distaste for all the pink and Barbie he kept seeing everywhere. Smalls shared the story behind the song by adding:

“So, it was like—I turned on the tele and all of a sudden there’s all this pink. And I’m thinking did I die and wake up in a vat of Pepto Bismol or something? And all of a sudden, it’s Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. Barbie this, Barbie that. Barbie something else. And I’m going, what the?!”

The rocker also expressed that he would have wanted a heads up before the movie came out. He said:

“I mean, they didn’t call up and say, ‘Hey Derek, in about 10 months you’re going to see a movie we’re making now that will piss you off!’ None of that.”

You can read Derek Smalls’ interview with American Songwriter here and listen to ‘Must Crush Barbie’ below.

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