Stash Klossowski Recalls Syd Barrett’s Going To The ‘Other Side’

Serra Ozturk

Prince Stanislas Stash Klossowski De Rola a.k.a Prince Stash has been roommates with Paul McCartney, and been friends with The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Stash who is now a TikTok star shared the acid-trip he went on with Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett back in 1976.

Stash recalled the acid-fuelled trip that he went on with Syd and a few friends to the Black Mountains in Wales. Here’s what the Prince shared about Barrett’s experience on the mountains:

“I was with him [Syd Barrett] when he went to the other side. We were on acid together – it’s a weird story.”

Stash compared their experiences on the mountain to Luis Buñuel’s surrealist film ‘The Exterminating Angel’ in which a group of friends who are at a dinner party can’t seem to leave. During his interview, Stash shared where he believes Syd went during his acid trip, saying:

“It was really a magical thing. He [Syd] fell into a psychedelic crack. Believe me, other dimensions can open up.”

However, even after the group was able to leave the mountain, it was said that Barrett couldn’t get back to his original self and wasn’t able to fully recover. Jenny Fabian, who took part in the 2020 documentary ‘Syd: The Dark Side of Music’, had spent time with the rocker before he died.

Jenny shared what she experienced with Syd when she visited Barrett Wetherby Mansions flat where The Madcap Laughs cover was shot. She recalled:

“For me he was very gentle, very innocent, but having a terrible struggle. He was so far removed it was like he wasn’t there. He was outside himself, which is what happens when you’re on acid. You’re on the ceiling looking down on yourself.”

You can read Stash Klossowski’s interview with The Guardian here.

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