Steel Panther Impress America’s Got Talent Judges With ‘Eyes of A Panther’ Performance

Onat Kara

Steel Panther recently took the stage on America’s Got Talent with Eyes of A Panther from their 2009 debut, Feel The Steel.

Before the performance took place, Steel Panther’s Satchel surprised jury members Sophia Vergara and Heidi Klum:

“Let me just say before we go on, we decided backstage to give Sophia and Heidi tickets to Steel Panther for life and backstage passes included.

Although the band’s decision seemed a bit like they were trying to infiltrate the jury, the guitarist was quick to add:

“Not trying to influence the judging in any way.”

After the laughter, Klum and Vergara thanked the band; Michael Starr then took the mic and explained why the Steel Panther is on AGT’s stage:

“This is the best way to reach so many other people have never seen us before and teach them the ways of heavy metal and we just wanted to come on the show because we want to; we wanna win.

Steel Panther’s performance was liked by all of the jury members, given that they received four yes votes, but that does not mean everyone in the studio was happy. We can see a man covering his ears while the band was performing right at 2:28 on the performance video, which you can view below

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