Steel Panther Issue A Statement After America’s Got Talent Elimination

Deniz Kivilcim

If you’re following America’s Got Talent closely, you might have heard that Steel Panther auditioned for the show’s new season. The season premiere was aired on May 30, and the band appeared live on the show on August 29. Although the judges said they loved the band, ultimately, the band was eliminated through the votes of the audience.

The band performed one of their hits, ‘Death To All But Metal,’ with a few changes in the lyrics in order to appear on NBC during primetime. After their elimination, the band shared a statement via Twitter. The statement read:

“Huge thanks to all the fans who voted for us AGT! It wasn’t in the cards for us this time but, don’t you worry… Like a bad case of herpes, you can’t get rid of us that easily. The battle rages on and we will never stop flying the banner of Heavy Metal!”

After the performance was over, the judges shared their admiration for the band. While Simon Cowell told the band that they were his favorite so far, and Sofia Vergara claimed that America would love them.

See the band’s statement and the performance on the show below.

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