Stephen Pearcy Can’t Be Persuaded With Any Money To Reunite Ratt

Zehra Kabak

Speaking to Metal Edge while on the road for ‘The 1980’s Sunset Strip Experience‘ tour, Stephen Pearcy touched upon the possibility of a Ratt reunion. He explained why money was not the motivation for an event like that by saying:

“We could be as big as we want to be or as successful as we want to be. We’ve been there once, twice. But in my situation, I learned that peace of mind is worth a lot more than the dollars.”

The singer delved more into the topic and went on:

“I mean, look, we’re not getting any younger, and that’s a drag because here we’ve lost my brother Robbin [Crosby]. I mean, God, name a band – Cinderella, Quiet Riot, somebody’s down.”

Mentioning the bands which still had their original members, he added:

“The OGs, some of us have been lucky. The Mötley guys are still around. They better knock on wood and thank many gods. But yeah, man, it was a crazy decade, and I’m just loving it for what it’s worth.”

Reportedly, the Ratt members were offered a ‘lucrative opportunity‘ for a reunion back in 2022 but couldn’t make an agreement about it. At the time, telling SiriusXM that he didn’t know why they couldn’t agree, Pearcy said:

“I have no qualms either way. I keep moving. All I can do is make my own assessment of the situation. When you make a phone call, and you get no response – and I won’t say with who or what or where or when or why – f**k it. I don’t care. We’re all alive. We’re all healthy. We’re all groovy. I don’t know. I hope everybody’s cool.”

You can read Stephen Pearcy’s recent interview here.

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