Stewart Copeland Explains Why He And Sting Can’t Make New Music Anymore

Serra Ozturk

The Police drummer Stewart Copeland recently chatted with Indulge Express and opened up about the differences between him and his former bandmate Sting. The drummer shared why it is hard for them to make music as a duo by explaining:

“You know, as soon as we [him and Sting] get into a room to try and make music, we are at each other’s throats because we are birds of a different feather. Sting is quiet and deep. I am noisy and shallow. If I’m having a party, having fun, laughing with my goofy friends, I’m going to have fun. I get along well with my chuckle buddies. Sting walks in and suddenly I’m not funny anymore.”

Stewart pointed out that they operate on different frequencies by sharing how Sting is as a person. He expressed:

“If he’s having a moment of beauty and serenity and calmness, I walk in, the bubble is popped. If I’m carrying a beer, I’m probably going to spill it. We are just very different types of people. We love each other, like siblings.”

When it comes to making music and getting into the studio, Stewart admitted that he isn’t what Sting looks for in a drummer. The drummer revealed why he can’t keep ‘steady’ by saying:

“But musically, he needs a steady platform from his drummer and his rhythm section. A steady platform from which he can leap and soar into the sky. I’m not that. I’m World War III. I am a cacophony. That’s what I do. My mission is to burn down the building.”

Copeland had talked about his and Sting’s differences which ultimately led them to part ways in the past. Even though the drummer is aware of their different outlooks, he still chats with Sting. Here’s what Stewart shared when he joined Vintage Rock Pod last year about his relationship with the singer:

“We send each other dumb memes from the internet. Causally, there is the business to discuss, an album release or rerelease, or whatever. So yes, we are in touch. We all understand why we fought, and we don’t need to go there.”

You can read Stewart Copeland’s interview with Indulge Express here.

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