‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Explains The Purpose Of His Music Career

Serra Ozturk

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard recently chatted with Kerrang! to discuss his purpose with his band, The Aubreys’ and their new single ‘Kato.’ When asked whether he would like to achieve the same level of cultural impact with music as his Netflix series, the actor and singer expressed:

“That’s a great question. The filming side of that cultural impact was not on purpose! I was just a part of it. And I was really lucky to be a part of it. With music, it’s a more personal endeavor. I just like writing songs, putting them out, and making music accessible.”

Finn added that his intention with music is to express himself by saying:

“As long as someone can hear it and relate to it, that’s really all that I care about. I definitely don’t feel like I’m trying to take over the world! It’s my own personal journey and relationship with music, so it’s less about cultural impact. If it does end up reaching people and they like it, that’s great.”

Wolfhard isn’t the only cast member of Stranger Things that has a music career. Joe Keery first started releasing music under the name ‘Cool Cool Cool.’ He was also a guitarist and drummer for the Chicago-based garage and psych-rock band Post Animal.

When the Netflix series took over, the actor had to leave Post Animal. However, he decided to continue his musical venture with a stage name called Djo. He now has two studio albums ‘Twenty Twenty’ and ‘Decide’ under his belt. You can listen to the albums below.

You can read Finn Wolfhard’s interview with Kerrang! here and listen to ‘Kato’ below.

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