Sydney Sweeney Finds It ‘Refreshing’ To Work With Glen Powell

Elif Ozden

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are to star in the upcoming rom-com ‘Anyone But You.’ Ahead of the film’s debut, Sweeney spoke to Variety about filming her first romantic comedy and claimed it was a refreshing experience to work opposite Powell in the film.

Sweeney has been pretty busy this year with upcoming roles in the superhero film ‘Madame Web,’ and ‘Anyone But You.’ Commenting on working on the rom-com, the actress said:

“It was so much fun, honestly. We laughed every single day, and the cast and the crew were just a bunch of really great people, and we all got along. It felt like summer camp. It was a great breather from everything else I’ve done. That was the first time I’d done something like that. So I definitely enjoyed it. And I might look for some more.

Following their CinemaCon appearance to promote the rom-com in late April, the chemistry between Powell and Sweeney grabbed fans’ attention. This even led to rumors that the two might be in a romantic relationship. However, Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino, and Davino was spotted walking her dog, showing their relationship is still intact.

Sweeney rose to fame as Cassie in the HBO drama series ‘Euphoria,’ and the third season of the series is pushed to 2025.  Announced in January, ‘Anyone But You’ will premiere in theaters on December 15.

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