Talking Heads’ David Byrne Reacts To Fred Armisen Mocking His Dance Moves

Zehra Kabak

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, interviewer Lyndsey Parker asked David Byrne what he thought about Fred Armisen’s impression of his dance moves in the mockumentary series ‘Documentary Now!’ To answer, the singer said:

“I think they did a pretty brilliant job. I was in a club once, a small club here in New York, actually to see a different act. And, [Laughs], Fred got up. He was like the opening act. He got up and did an imitation of me and didn’t know that I was in the audience. [Laughs] And it was great.”

He also recalled what happened after Armisen noticed him:

“He was really good. And he came over immediately afterwards and goes, ‘Oh, I had no idea you were– I had no idea you were here. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. I hope it didn’t bother you. I hope it didn’t–‘ and I thought, no, no, no, no, it was brilliant! Yeah.”

The ‘Final Transmission’ episode from the series’ second season paid tribute to Talking Heads‘ 1984 concert film ‘Stop Making Sense,’ which will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a re-release this year.

Now that A24 bought its rights, the restored version of the film will hit the screens again around the world on September 11. The same day, former Talking Heads members will reunite at the Toronto International Film Festival for a Q&A about it.

In addition, Rhino Entertainment is set to release a deluxe version of ‘Stop Making Sense’ soundtrack on August 18. This new edition will feature all the tracks from the 1984 movie, including two unreleased songs, ‘Cities’ and ‘Big Business/I Zimbra.’

You can watch David Byrne’s recent interview and the new trailer for the ‘Stop Making Sense’ re-release in the videos below.

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