The 100 Co-Stars Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor Real-Life Relationship Explained

Elif Ozden

When fans notice the on-screen chemistry of their favorite characters, it’s often interesting to discover when there’s a real-life story behind it. Such is the case with Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor, who played Clarke and Bellamy on the CW series ‘The 100.’ Here’s a closer look into the relationship between these two actors, from co-stars to life partners.

From Co-Stars to Soulmates


Eliza and Bob weren’t new to the industry when they were cast in ‘The 100.’ However, it was their roles as Clarke and Bellamy that brought them into the spotlight and each other’s orbits.

The pair’s initial relationship off-screen was platonic. They enjoyed a friendship that spanned several years during their time on ‘The 100.’ The course of their relationship took a turn in 2019. As Taylor recalled in an Instagram post, both had recently ended their respective relationships and reconnected in Paris, where they shared their experiences and supported one another:

“In Paris, I eagerly awaited my best mate’s arrival… I hadn’t seen Bob since we finished shooting at the beginning of February 2019, and a lot had happened at that time. I had just come out of a relationship, and so had he. I was about to move into a new apartment with Nina in Vancouver, and Bob had just finished his very first director’s cut. We bonded over the hurt of breaking up, as friends do, and talked about the daunting process of being single again. We laughed and cried. It felt like the relationship between us could be evolving, but it was too soon for both of us.”


In March 2019, while settling into her new apartment, Eliza received a surprising date proposal from Bob, which she gladly accepted:

“I was unpacking the apartment Nina and I had just signed a one-year lease on, and Bob had come up to finish packing up the apartment he lived in during the shooting. He came over to help set up our new place when out of the blue — he asked me out on a date. It seemed silly as we’d been friends for so long; in fact, I thought he was joking! But I laughed, and yes… To our surprise, the date was a success. Honestly, it was as if someone had switched on a light, and we were truly seeing each other for the first time.”

Just a month later, in April, while discussing their shared visions of the future on the porch of Bob’s sister’s house in Australia, the topic of marriage came to light. Seeing they had the same future plans, from residing in the countryside to building a family and maintaining a professional presence in Los Angeles, they decided to tie the knot.

In May 2019, atop a Hawaiian mountaintop, the couple exchanged vows. They made the announcement a month later.

Do Eliza and Bob Have Children?


The couple’s joy in their marriage was shadowed by an event in 2020 when Eliza experienced a miscarriage. In a gesture of support, Bob commemorated the loss with a tattoo, which featured a father penguin and his chick. As reported by, here is what he wrote about the tattoo:

“I got this tattoo at a turning point in my life, things don’t always work out as planned, but the lessons learnt have made me a better human.”

In February 2022, they announced their pending parenthood by sharing a photo of charming matching slippers on Instagram. In March 2022, they welcomed their first child.


Celebrating their 4-year wedding anniversary in May 2023, Eliza posted a tribute to Bob with a video featuring glimpses of the times they shared together. You can follow both Eliza and Bob on Instagram and follow their relationship journey through their posts.

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