The 3RACHA Records Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Called ‘Cringe’

Zehra Kabak

As a part of Stray Kids’ sub-unit 3RACHA, Bang Chan created a few songs with Changbin and Han before the band’s debut in 2018. The vocalist and the other members talked about these in a 2020 interview with Clash.

Revealing his opinion about revisiting some 3RACHA songs with the full band, Chan said:

“Of course, we never look for them [their old songs], we never listen to them. Well, sometimes. Maybe.”

Laughing between his words, he also explained why Stray Kids didn’t want to remove the trio’s pre-debut songs by saying:

“Of course, it’s really cringey. It’s hard to listen to. I don’t know why we don’t take them down. There’s no reason to — we love it, fans have fun with it. It’s something we made in the past; it’s kind of a part of our discography, so yeah, we just let it be.”

3RACHA released their first songs in 2017 as a part of an untitled mixtape uploaded on SoundCloud. The record consisted of seven tracks, including ‘WOW,’ which became one of their most popular songs through the years.

During the 2020 chat, Han referred to this piece right after Chan’s words and explained:

“I want to make a version with all eight members. If we were to make it right now, there will probably be a new sense of a little bit of cringe or cuteness to it.”

To date, there hasn’t been an official release of any remakes from their earlier catalog. But the trio kept releasing new material in the last few years.

Their latest track, called ‘HEYDAY,’ came out in September 2022. You can check it out in the video below.

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