The Beach Boys’ Mike Love Is Afraid Of Getting Canceled

Bihter Sevinc

During a recent live performance, the Beach Boys’ Mike Love expressed concern about performing one of the band’s songs due to his fear of potential backlash or being canceled.

While addressing the audience, the singer shared his unease about the track, ‘Surfer Girl,’ saying:

“This song I’m a little concerned about doing on account… it’s gender specific. I hope there’s nobody from Budweiser here or the FBI. Sorry, I apologize in advance for anything I may say or do. It’s a family tradition. This is dedicated to all of the ladies.”

Love’s statement came after the conservative boycott of Bud Light, which began after the company sent influencer Dylan Mulvaney a few beers. Mulvaney, who is a transgender woman, shared a video of herself dressed as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, along with one of Bud Light’s beers as part of a paid sponsorship.

However, this partnership sparked criticism from some, such as figures like Kid Rock and Travis Tritt, with Rock shooting cans of the beer and Tritt banning the brand from his tour.

The musician faced criticism for his joke on social media and also received support. Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost wrote in a tweet:

“It’s so sad that Mike Love is such an idiot.”

Newsweek columnist and talk show host Mark Davis, on the other hand, defended Love’s stance, writing again on Twitter:

“Good for Mike Love, who is clearly kidding here— but the threat of ruinous bullying is very real for Americans who refuse to bend the knee to today’s gender mafia.”

You can watch the fan-shot footage from the concert below.

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