The Best Don Henley Song To Listen To While Golfing, Niall Horan Shares

Serra Ozturk

In a recent chat with TSN’s Corwin McCallum, Niall Horan not only talked about his new album ‘The Show’ but also shared his go-to track while he golfs. The pop star gave a shout-out to Don Henley and said:

“No, just like classic rock from the 70s. I listen to a lot of that. I would listen to a lot of that stuff and just let it rip.’The Boys Of Summer’ by Don Henley. It’s always a cracker for a sunny day on a golf course.”

Niall has been known to be a superfan of The Eagles. The singer even shared with Young Hollywood in 2017, that he went to Henley for advice, especially after his former band, One Direction, announced their hiatus at the end of 2015. Niall expressed:

“Don Henley and I talk every couple of weeks or so. It’s mad. I call him ‘Dad’. He calls me ‘Son’.”

It seems that Niall isn’t the only one enjoying their chats, as Don told Billboard in 2017 that he is fond of the Irish singer. Henley also explained where he sees Horan in the future by adding:

“Niall is a solid guy whose focus is right where it ought to be: on songwriting. He’s got the Irish charm and a healthy, self-effacing sense of humor, which is an essential ­survival tool in this business. I think that Niall will evolve into a resonant, thoughtful voice for his generation.”

You can watch Niall Horan’s interview with TSN and listen to his new album ‘The Show’ as well as ‘The Boys Of Summer’ below.

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