The Possibility Of Big Little Lies Season 3: Here’s What We Know So Far

Elif Ozden

While there has been a flurry of comments, rumors, and snippets of information regarding a third season of HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies,’ bringing pieces together presents a mixed picture. Today, we will examine every statement, hint, and event to provide you with a clear perspective on where things stand.

The Actors’ Enthusiasm


While the direction might be uncertain, enthusiasm from the cast isn’t. Both Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have expressed interest. During an Instagram live call with Laura Dern, Witherspoon even mused about the idea of casting Jennifer Lopez in a potential third season. Fans also chimed in with their dream casting, throwing in names from Julia Roberts to Brad Pitt.

In her 2019 interview with Deadline, Kidman emphasized the importance of a strong story if a new season were to materialize. During her Golden Globe speech, Dern also seemed open to reprising her role, stating:

“Well, when Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman get back here, you ask them, but I can never say no to Renata, and she is a dream come true to play, so it’s impossible not to want to play her more and be with truly my best friends.”

Despite her eagerness, Kidman candidly mentioned the challenges of getting the cast back:

“I don’t think we’d ever get Laura Dern back! Everyone’s working … Hopefully, we can collide again at one point.”

HBO’s Standpoint


HBO president, Casey Bloys, expressed reservations about another season. Noting the demanding schedules of the cast, he said:

“The reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood. I just think it’s not realistic.”

This aligns with his earlier comment hinting that the second season was made to offer some closure.

Previous Statements from the Creator and Cast


Post the airing of the second season, David E. Kelley, the show’s creator, commented that there was ‘no such plan’ for a third season. This was supported by a later statement from Zoë Kravitz, who indicated its improbability.

One of the reasons was the passing of Jean-Marc Vallée in 2021 due to a fatal cardiac arrhythmia at age 58. Kravitz shared:

“We talked about doing a season three a lot, but unfortunately, Jean-Marc Vallée, our incredible director, passed away this last year. I just can’t imagine going on without him. He really was the visionary for that show. So, unfortunately, it’s done.”

Show’s Original Intent


It’s worth noting that the initial intention for ‘Big Little Lies’ was a single-season arc. David E. Kelley revealed in a past interview that he had reservations even about the second season, but the introduction of Meryl Streep’s character, among other narrative developments, propelled the continuation:

“I didn’t think it was a very good idea. We wrote it as a one-off, and we ended it in a way that was very lyrical. But we ended on a lie. I get so protective of characters and series, too, that I don’t want to damage them in any way, and I so loved how we ended year one, and I thought, ‘Let’s just leave it at that.’ … Liane Moriarty wrote a novella of new stories, and most of them we’re using. But the genius one was introducing this character who Meryl Streep played. It’s a delicious character, and I felt bringing her in was both liberating and daunting. Daunting because she sets a high bar, and you have to measure up, but liberating in that now the show’s not going to be compared to last year. There was freedom in that.”

In the end, ‘Big Little Lies’ seems to have a demand for more. Only time will tell if Monterey’s saga continues. For now, fans can only hope that the stars align once more for their beloved show.

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