The Rock Band Tim Burton Called His Favorite Of All Time

Bihter Sevinc

When one thinks of Tim Burton, cinematic marvels like ‘Beetlejuice,’ ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ naturally come to mind. However, beyond his directorial skills and unique storytelling, there’s a lesser-known connection that ties Burton to the music world.

Delving into the intricate web of Burton’s artistic influence, a fascinating chapter emerges—one that involves the rock band The Killers. The intersection of his cinematic universe with The Killers’ musical talents gained prominence during the annual Boneyard Ball, an event hosted by The Neon Museum in Las Vegas in 2019.

Celebrating Burton’s artistic contributions, the event was also graced by a live performance by The Killers, showing a symbiotic relationship between two distinct forms of artistic expression. As the night unfolded, the unexpected took center stage when Tim Burton himself addressed the audience, revealing his admiration for The Killers. The director said while introducing the band:

“I love every song that they do. They’re beautiful; they’re my favorite band.”

Furthermore, the connection between Burton and The Killers extends beyond appreciation, as Burton previously directed the band’s two music videos. ‘Bones’ from the band’s second album, ‘Sam’s Town,’ released in 2006, marked Tim’s debut as a music video director. Starring Michael Steger and Devon Aoki, the video features scenes from films like ‘Lolita,’ ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon,’ and ‘Jason and the Argonauts.’

Later, in 2012, Burton also directed the music video for ‘Here with Me,’ released as the third single of the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Battle Born.’ Starring Winona Ryder, the music video was shot in Blackpool, England, during a pause in The Killers’ U.K. arena tour. Inspired by the 1935 film ‘Mad Love,’ Tim Burton crafted the video’s concept.

You can watch the two music videos below.

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