The Story Behind Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s Divorce From Joey Lawrence

Zehra Kabak

Joey Lawrence and Chandie Yawn-Nelson, who first met during their teenage years at Disney World, got married in 2005 after Lawrence divorced his first wife, Michelle Vella. But, after welcoming two daughters over the span of fifteen years, the couple filed for divorce in 2020.

The divorce was officially concluded in February 2022, with both parties reaching a private settlement about spousal support, child support, and division of assets. The ex-couple decided to share the custody of their children, Charleston and Liberty, though the kids started to live with their mother.

Some sources speculated that the two’s divorce was related to the financial problems they experienced in 2017, when they filed for bankruptcy after getting hold of around $356 thousand in liabilities, with an income of $7,000 against $25,000 monthly spending.

On the other hand, while their divorce suit was still ongoing, Lawrence commented on the matter in a chat with Us Weekly and cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for their decision to break up by saying:

“It’s just two people that aren’t right for each other. Nothing was done wrong other than just falling out of love with that person. You want them to be happy, and you want to be happy.”

The same year, Lawrence announced his engagement to actress Samantha Cope, whom he met on the set of a Lifetime movie. After the divorce, the couple married in California and welcomed a daughter named Dylan Rose in 2023.

Meanwhile, Chandie Yawn-Nelson avoided the spotlight and maintained a low-key profile through the years. That’s why there is no information about her current relationship status, but it is known that she has been working with InterCall as a collaboration and conference service provider.

Financial assessments following the divorce estimated Yawn-Nelson’s net worth to be around $400 thousand, sourced from her work with the company and the divorce alimony from Lawrence.

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