The Story Of Jamie Afifi, The Scrubs Actress Sarah Chalke’s Ex-Fiancé

Elif Ozden

Many know Jamie Afifi primarily through his relationship with Sarah Chalke, and their shared history is filled with love, challenges, and growth. In light of the couple’s split, we’ll delve into their relationship’s history and share an in-depth look into Jamie’s life and achievements.

Who is Jamie Afifi?


Originally from Canada, Jamie Afifi is an entertainment lawyer. He kickstarted his career at St. John’s Ravenscourt, followed by a comprehensive study of law at the University of Toronto. Between 2005 to 2008, Afifi worked as an associate at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP. He then made his transition to Ziffren Brittenham LLP, where he secured promotion to Partner in 2012.

Jamie and Sarah’s Relationship


Sarah Chalke and Jamie Afifi got engaged in 2006 during a romantic vacation in Hawaii. The special moment happened during Chalke’s hiatus from filming her role in ‘Scrubs.’

Their first child, Charlie, was born on Christmas Eve in 2010. Their joy expanded with the birth of their daughter, Frankie, six years later, in 2016. Sarah named her daughter after her grandfather. Besides, she carried and birthed Frankie while working on ‘Rick and Morty.’


However, not all was smooth. Their son Charlie was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease at age 2. Sarah struggled with the initial misdiagnosis of her son’s condition, as Charlie’s treatment started later than she hoped:

“It was a very difficult time because Charlie was misdiagnosed a lot, and we fought really hard to get him seen by a specialist. We got the treatment on day ten-and-a-half, so it was on the late side. Thank God he’s OK.”

The rare autoimmune illness threatened Charlie’s life, prompting Chalke to raise awareness about the condition. This led her to collaborate with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes, bringing an episode to the screen that mirrored her personal experience.

Why Did Sarah and Jamie Break Up?


Despite their long-standing relationship, the couple parted ways in September 2022. Their reps confirmed the separation to People, saying:

“[Jamie and Sarah] separated some time ago. They remain committed to being devoted co-parents and good friends.”

Sarah is protective of her personal life, so she didn’t share pictures with Afifi on social media. The reason for their separation isn’t disclosed.

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