The Tragic Life Of Edward Furlong aka John Connor Of Terminator 2

Zehra Kabak

Rising to fame as a child actor with his role in ‘Terminator 2,’ Edward Furlong battled with addiction throughout his career. But he went into rehab in the early 2000s and reportedly reduced his drug use with the start of his marriage with actress Rachael Bella and the birth of his son, Ethan.

In a chat with People in those years, he mentioned his experience by saying:

“I was a heroin and cocaine addict. It was really scary.”

As the actor said he used drugs to ‘fit in’ with people around him at a young age, he added:

“I don’t even think about [partying] anymore. It seems lonely now: running and clubbing and doing coke. I have nightmares about doing hard drugs. I’ll wake up and I’m like, ‘Did I relapse?'”

But the upcoming years saw Furlong falling into addiction again. By 2009, Bella filed for a divorce and got a restraining order against him. The couple then entered a legal dispute over their son’s custody.

During the lawsuit, the actress claimed that Ethan tested positive for cocaine, causing the judge to rule that her ex-husband’s visits be supervised. Next year, the John Connor actor made the headlines with his addiction problem and domestic violence accusations.

Furlong got arrested a few times on charges of domestic battery against his then-girlfriend Monica Keena. He also faced legal action for violating the restraining order Keena secured against him.

Following these, the actor re-entered rehab and joined domestic violence counseling sessions. Though he admitted going on and off drugs after his treatment in 2013 during past interviews, Furlong reportedly remained clean for four years by 2022.

At the time, the ‘American History X’ actor mentioned getting his teeth done after years of damage caused by substance abuse in an interview with the Daily Mail. He explained:

“It sounds weird for me to be talking about teeth because I don’t live and breathe the way I look. But every time I looked in the mirror, it just bummed me out as a reminder of what I had done for all those years. It’s nice to get a second chance. It was a no-brainer; I’m super glad I did it.”

2023 saw Furlong’s return to film projects with roles in ‘The Forest Hills’ and ‘Heart of a Champion.’ According to some 2019 news, he also will rejoin the ‘Terminator’ series in the upcoming productions.

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