The Truman Show Actress Natascha McElhone’s Favorite City

Zehra Kabak

For one of her latest shows, ‘Hotel Portofino,’ Natascha McElhone traveled to and from Croatia, Italy, and England between 2022 and 2023. But she expressed her love for traveling years before that in a 2006 interview with the Independent.

That year, revealing her favorite city to travel for the magazine, the ‘The Truman Show’ actress explained:

“I feel very liberated in any city where English isn’t the mother tongue. Phnom Penh was incredible, buzzy, desperate, and crammed with excitement and color. I love Paris because of its breathtaking beauty, style, and sophistication. However, I’m always excited arriving anywhere new, knowing I can eventually return to London, which I love with a passion.”

In 1998, around the release of ‘The Truman Show,’ McElhone married plastic surgeon Martin Hirigoyen Kelly. After that, according to her words, the couple got almost five weeks every year to travel together, as Kelly became her ‘ideal travel companion’ through the years.

In fact, even the actress’ best holiday involved her husband, as she mentioned it by saying:

“My honeymoon, on the Zambezi River [was the best]. Waking up on the first morning to the sound of a hippo hiccupping and a monkey squeezing the last of my shampoo onto its head was an instant delight.”

McElhone lost her husband in 2008, five months before giving birth to their third child, Rex. As she kept writing letters and diaries for him after his passing, the actress published them as a book named ‘After You: Letters of Love and Loss to a Husband and Father’ in 2010.

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