The Truth About Jennie Garth’s ‘Almost’ Divorce From Dave Abrams

Bihter Sevinc

The journey of Jennie Garth and Dave Abrams began on a blind date in late 2014, a chance encounter that turned into a romance. The couple married within months, but a nearly devastating divorce threatened to interrupt their love story.

Abrams filed for divorce in 2018 after less than three years of marriage. Garth was surprised. She even used what happened in a storyline on ‘BH90210,’ a popular show she’s in and helped create with Tori Spelling. Speaking to People in a 2019 interview, Jennie recalled that period with the following words:

“I found out that he filed for divorce from TMZ. That was a big deal for me. So we used it in the show because why not use the things that hurt us most and then take the power out of them and make them funny.”

She continued, sharing her feelings when she faced the possibility of going through a third divorce:

“The possibility of a third divorce devastated me. I was in a bad mindset for five or six months. It wasn’t very comfortable. And it made accepting it so much harder. But when I finally did accept, like, we’re breaking up, I had to tell myself, Dave is not an option. And then, just when I felt whole again, we started hanging out.”

In February 2019, it seemed like Garth and Abrams had patched things up after a ten-month separation because Dave submitted a request to cancel the divorce proceedings. Jennie also opened up about how their time apart affected them, saying:

“We both had separate learning to do and then coming back and sharing that growth was kind of the fiber that connected us back together like, ‘I see you differently now.'”

Before her marriage to Abrams, Garth had two previous marriages. Her first marriage was to musician Daniel B. Clark from 1994 to 1996. She married her second husband, actor Peter Facinelli in 2001. However, their marriage faced difficulties, and in March 2012, Peter Facinelli filed for divorce. The divorce was officially finalized in June 2013.

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