The Truth About Stranger Things Actor Charlie Heaton’s Secret Son, Archie Heaton

Elif Ozden

‘Stranger Things’ star Charlie Heaton surprised many of his fans when details about a lesser-known facet of his life — his son, Archie Heaton — have gradually emerged over the past years. Let’s get to know Archie better and discover why Heaton kept his existence as a secret.

Who is Archie Heaton?


Archie was born in England in 2014 when Charlie was just 20 years old. His mother is Akiko Matsuura, a Japanese musician who is the drummer and backing vocalist for The Big Pink, an English electronic rock band. The duo first crossed paths when both were members of the noise rock band Comanechi. While Heaton played the drums, Matsuura was the frontwoman.

By late 2014, following Archie’s birth, reports suggest the couple went their separate ways. The specifics behind their split remain private, as neither Heaton nor Matsuura has publicly commented on their breakup. It’s speculated by some that Charlie wasn’t ready to be a father at 20, potentially leading to his breakup with Akiko.

Still, sources indicate that despite their separation, the pair maintains a friendly relationship for the benefit of their son.

Archie’s Life Now


Currently, Archie Heaton primarily resides in London with his mother, Akiko Matsuura. Charlie, on the other hand, has been spending his time between the US, where his acting career is based, and London. The actor keeps his son away from the spotlight, so there aren’t many photos of the two online.

Public’s Reaction to the News


When news of Heaton’s parenthood first emerged in October 2017, fans expressed their surprise online. However, the actor and Matsuura chose to remain silent, refraining from commenting on the matter.

It’s worth noting that following his separation from Matsuura, Heaton began a relationship with fellow ‘Stranger Things’ actor Natalia Dyer in 2016.

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