The Truth Behind Amy Roloff’s Accident Rumors

Zehra Kabak

The news reported that Amy Roloff had an accident and injured herself during her recent stay in Michigan. While some of the articles implied that the situation was serious, the ‘Little People, Big World’ actress cleared the air about the nature of the incident on Instagram.

In late July and early August, Roloff went from Oregon to Michigan with her husband, Chris Marek, for a vacation. Throughout their visit to her home state, she kept her followers updated by posting photographs of their activities.

After Marek returned to their Oregon home and Amy extended her stay, fans noticed a difference in one of her posts: a swollen lip. When questions kept coming, she gave an explanation of what happened. With an up-close picture of the injury, Roloff shared:

“Ok, if y’all have noticed my bottom lip. Looks a whole lot better than about 3 days ago. Took almost a face plant when I fell off a small retainer wall at the cabin. Instead of a few mosquitoes, I found myself in the midst of doz bees while pulling weeds.”

Mentioning her condition after the incident, she wrote:

“It could have been a lot worse. My teeth are ok (I think), and my lip will be ok. Thank you, Lord.”

After this post, Amy kept sharing images from her vacation. One photo on her stories showed her and Marek at Mackinac Island. Then, she posted a video of herself near Lake Superior with a caption that read ‘Wild Lake Woman. Love my home state.’

Photo Credit: Monsters & Critics
Photo Credit: Monsters & Critics
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