TikTok Star Alex Eubank’s Ultimate Workout And Diet Routine

Elif Ozden

Alex Eubank’s passion for fitness and wellness has won him an audience of millions on TikTok. Many of his fans are intrigued by the secret behind his physique and energy. So, what are the secrets behind Alex Eubank’s physical fitness? Let’s explore Eubank’s workout regimen and dietary habits that he credits for his exceptional health and fitness!

Eubank’s Approach to Fitness


Born on May 23, 2000, Alex was dissatisfied with his body’s appearance from a young age. This motivated him to change. At the age of sixteen, he committed to a consistent workout regimen. He admired the aesthetic of Greek gods, earning him the nickname ‘the Greek God,’ and drew inspiration from bodybuilders of the Golden Era.

After seeing his 4 years of body transformation, many people were inspired by Eubank’s content. This prompted him to share more content documenting his fitness journey and providing fitness knowledge. Especially on TikTok, Alex now connects with a wider audience — he currently has over 2 million followers.

Eubank’s fitness regimen, also known as his ‘Greek god program,‘ can be described as well-rounded, balancing both cardio and strength training. He follows old-school bodybuilding legends like Schwarzenegger, Zane, Nubret, and Ferrigno and incorporates a high volume of exercises targeting every muscle group.


Alex has some unorthodox training methods, focusing on time under tension, volume, and high-intensity training techniques rather than consistently increasing weight. He uses pre-exhaustion, performing several sets of high-rep iso work on a muscle group before starting the working sets.

A typical session for Eubank begins with a 10-minute warm-up involving dynamic stretching and light cardio to prepare his body for the upcoming intensity. This is followed by 30 to 45 minutes of resistance training focusing on different muscle groups each day, an approach that optimizes muscle recovery and growth. The workout ends with 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio to increase his metabolic rate and promote fat burning.

Eubank performs what he calls ‘instinctive training,’ being flexible with his routine. He works out six days a week and takes Sunday off.

Eubank’s Diet Formula


The key to Eubank’s sustained energy and physique lies not just in his workout routine but also in his diet. He maintains his physique with a carefully curated diet plan, following a daily calorie intake of around 2,300 calories, from various food items rich in macro and micronutrients.

Alex’s diet focuses on providing the necessary nutrients and energy for muscle growth, recovery, and overall well-being. He diligently tracks his macronutrient consumption and uses food as fuel to help him make big gains.

The TikTok star offers diet plans and nutrition advice on the Internet. He also takes a firm stand on supplements. Saying he’s a natural bodybuilder, Alex doesn’t use steroids or any other kind of performance-enhancing drugs. The supplements he uses include MOAB, fat burner, EAAs, HMB, testosterone booster, BCAAs, carnitine, vitamin D, whey protein, creatine, and a multivitamin.


Eubank was dating Abigail White, who is also a public figure and a fitness enthusiast. Abigail has dedicated a significant portion of her time to the gym, just like Alex. They frequently collaborated to provide fitness tips and inspiration, but according to recent news, the couple now went their separate ways.

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