Tom Hardy’s 5 Worst Movies That Are Waste Of Time To Watch

Elif Ozden

Every actor has a few blips in their filmography, including Tom Hardy. Here’s a list of Hardy’s five movies that, according to ratings and reviews, might not be the best use of your time:

5. Dot The I – IMDb: 6.7

While not at the bottom of the pile, ‘Dot The I‘ failed to make a significant impact. With a plot centered around infidelity and manipulation, the film struggles to captivate due to the noticeable lack of chemistry between the leads. Despite Hardy being involved, he is relegated to a side character that does little to elevate the movie. Rotten Tomatoes critics described this flick as starting promisingly but ending on a rather disappointing note.

4. This Means War – IMDb: 6.3

Though it garnered attention for its cast, ‘This Means War‘ did not live up to expectations. The Hollywood Reporter didn’t mince words, pointing out its flaws early in 2012. As an outlier in Hardy’s filmography, the romantic comedy tried to mesh action elements with romance but stumbled in execution. The cast included names such as Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Handler, and Chris Pine, but even their combined star power couldn’t save it. The movie did manage to pull in a notable box office figure, but its critical reception was less than stellar.

3. Thick as Thieves/The Code – IMDb: 6.0

One would think that combining Hardy with Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas would be a recipe for success. However, ‘Thick as Thieves,‘ released straight to DVD, proved otherwise. Departing from typical organized crime narratives, Hardy played a cop, and unfortunately, the role did little to highlight his capabilities. Critics were quick to point out the inconsistencies in his American accent, making it one of the low points in his early career.

2. Capone – IMDb: 4.7

Exploring Al Capone’s dementia-ridden final days, ‘Capone‘ aimed to provide a deeper look into the mobster’s life post-prison. Directed by Josh Trank, the film was built on a foundation of expectation, primarily because of Hardy’s involvement. Some critics appreciated his performance, acknowledging his effort in a challenging role, while others considered it a misstep in his career.

1. Minotaur – IMDb: 3.7

Claiming the top spot on this list, ‘Minotaur‘ is a film even Hardy himself had reservations about, saying it was ‘a pile of sh*t.’ Its attempt at reimagining a classic myth was lost in poor production, and Hardy’s portrayal of Theo lacked depth and engagement.

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