Tom Hardy’s Secret Life With His Three Mysterious Kids

Elif Ozden

Tom Hardy has a lesser-known yet significant role off-camera – fatherhood. Although a public figure, Hardy’s private life remains mysterious, particularly when it comes to his three children, shared with his wife Charlotte Riley and ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed.

His Eldest Child, Louis Thomas Hardy


Hardy’s oldest child, Louis Thomas Hardy, now 15, was born to his former partner Rachael. They met during the making of Hardy’s 2005 miniseries ‘The Virgin Queen,’ and their relationship lasted until 2009, a year after Louis’ birth.

Louis has contributed to Hardy’s career in a unique way. During the preparation for his role as the anti-hero Venom, Hardy leaned on his son’s insights, terming him his ‘anthology and mythology wizard.’ Louis also helped his father to get sober.

Hardy and Riley’s Two Mysterious Kids


Riley and Hardy’s journey of love began on the set of a 2009 TV adaptation of ‘Wuthering Heights,’ resulting in marriage in 2014. Since then, they’ve welcomed two children, whose names and genders remain a secret as Hardy and Riley choose to shield them from public scrutiny.

Charlotte and Tom’s first child together, a girl, came into their lives in 2015. While the couple has refrained from publicly confirming her name and gender, multiple outlets suggest that they welcomed a baby girl. During a 2016 interview, Hardy humorously drew attention to the sleep deprivation due to his newborn’s life:

“If anyone else did that to you, you’d have them up at the Hague for war crimes.”

Their second child, a boy, arrived in 2019. Despite Hardy and Riley’s discretion, there’s speculation that they named their son Forrest. A source reported that baby Forrest is strikingly similar to his father in appearance:

“The couple is over the moon with the new addition to the family. Friends are already saying that the baby boy looks exactly like Tom. They love the name Forrest as it’s earthy and strong. Tom has always found the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ very inspiring and enjoyable and thinks it fits.”

Tom Hardy’s Approach to Fatherhood


In 2021, Hardy admitted his focus has notably shifted toward his children following the pandemic. He asserted that his priority is now to maintain health and fitness, provide for his family, and value the present moments with his children:

“I think there’s less reason to work, ultimately, because the life drive is to be with the kids, be fit and healthy, and eat well and stuff. If you’ve got a roof over your head, a bed underneath you, and food in the fridge, how much is enough? Because it’s not a dress rehearsal, life, is it? It’s going out live. This is one-time.”

Another detail about Hardy is his determination to protect his children from the public eye. He expressed his stance clearly in an Esquire interview in 2018:

“I will pose for you, and photos of me and my wife are fine. But if someone takes a photo of my kids, all bets are off.”

In a world obsessed with the lives of celebrities, Hardy’s strong need for privacy, especially concerning his children, stands out. Despite his fame, he chooses to provide his children with a life away from the spotlight.

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