Tony Wolski On The Armed’s Offer To Iggy Pop

Elifnaz Yuksel

The Armed’s Tony Walski recently sat down with Revolver Magazine and talked about how they were anonymous until recently, their newly released album ‘Perfect Saviors,’ and how they invited Iggy Pop to feature in their music video. Tony explained their first interaction with Iggy:

“We found out Iggy had played some of our music on his BBC radio show and were so thrilled and blown away. We pretty quickly wrote to him about doing something for the new record.”

Tony then mentioned how Iggy responded to The Armed’s proposal and described how the whole shooting process went:

“He was quick to get back that he couldn’t play on it, but he’d love to be in a video. The entire experience was super surreal, but he was nothing but incredibly generous with his time and creativity, and he seemed legitimately interested in what we were doing. It was mind-blowing. Growing up in Detroit, there is no one beyond Iggy.”

The Armed was anonymous for most of their career, which began in 2009. Walski, who was known as Adam Vallely before, also talked about this aspect of the collective:

“The anonymity was functional for what we were trying to do, which was to make this big, ego-free collaboration. But the inadvertent consequence of that was that the anonymity became a focal point that we weren’t anticipating. At this point, I don’t think it’s taking away any magic to show, actually, it’s just a billion people; that’s what it is. In a way, the anonymity is practically happening because there’s just so many people.”

‘Perfect Strangers,’ The Armed’s fifth studio album, just came out on August 25. You can check the whole album and ‘Sport of Form’s’ music video below.

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