Top 5 Destinations In The World For Singles To Travel

Elif Ozden

Whether you’ve taken a break from a relationship, are in a transitional life phase, or simply can’t persuade friends to join you on a bucket-list adventure, solo travel has evolved into an increasingly popular option. For those in search of romance or looking to make connections with like-minded wanderers, these are the top 5 destinations in the world for singles to explore.

5. Berlin, Germany


Guided walking tours allow newcomers to understand Berlin’s rich history. Notable sites include the Jewish District, the Topography of Terror Museum, and the Holocaust Memorial.

For those interested in cultural experiences, Berlin is home to numerous museums and historical hotspots. Bauhaus-Archiv displays items from Walter Gropius’s design school, and the Kulturforum is a complex of cultural buildings housing 20th-century paintings at the Neue Nationalgalerie.

Berlin’s nightlife offers several options, including the Berghain club, where many try, but few succeed in getting past the strict door policy.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, is known for its tango, fine wine, and world-class beef. For singles looking to break the ice with fellow travelers, the city offers ‘puerta cerrada‘ dining experiences, where guests dine in the home of a local chef alongside adventurous travelers and local expats.

3. Miami, USA


Miami offers a combination of sandy beaches and festivals. Major events like Art Basel, the South Beach Wine and Food Fest, and the Ultra Music Festival provide ideal settings for meeting people from around the world.

Beyond its beaches, Miami offers water activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. For those who want to explore beyond the city limits, day trips to nearby Florida Keys and Key West are readily available. Shopping aficionados will find high-end brands, while the culturally inclined can explore Little Havana for a taste of Cuba.

2. Lisbon, Portugal


In Portugal, train rides between Lisbon and the UNESCO-listed Porto take less than three hours, making it easy to explore both cities. The nation is also a popular destination for American expats, making it easier for solo travelers to connect with English-speaking individuals.

Club Med’s Da Balaia Resort, located 30 km from Faro, offers an all-inclusive package featuring 24 included activities and numerous excursions, from nature hikes to sunset safaris and yachting.

1. Cusco, Peru


Close to Cusco, Peru, lies the Rainbow Mountain, a day-trip destination offering a chance to bond with fellow travelers. The proximity to Machu Picchu, a mountaintop wonder, makes it an ideal base for exploring one of the world’s most famous sites.

For an authentic Peruvian experience, one can visit a local bar to enjoy a traditional pisco sour while taking in the panoramic city views. It might be an ideal way to unwind after a day of exploring, perhaps while sharing travel stories with new friends.

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