Travis Barker On Overcoming His Fear Of Flying

Deniz Kivilcim

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker admitted that he is still struggling with his fear of flying.

Barker was once on a plane on his way to Van Nuys, California, in 2008 with his two close friends, Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein, assistant Chris Baker, and security guard Charles Still. The plane unexpectedly crashed, and only Barker and DJ AM survived, leaving the two with PTSD.

Barker took to Twitter to share his experience with flying. He wrote the following:

“I still hate flying. I love touring and playing music but I unfortunately associate traveling and flying with death. I am strong and nothing can keep me from living life though.”

Considering the crash he has been in, it can be expected the rocker is still afraid of flying. Despite the plane crash, the drummer believes he can handle everything ‘God throws at him,’ while revealing that he has been dealing with health problems for the last week. He wrote in the next tweet:

“Also last week I had Covid, an episode of trigeminal neuralgia, and a root canal. Which means I can pretty much handle anything God throws at me.”

Although it seems that Barker is still afraid of flying, two years ago, he shared a photo on his Instagram account in front of a plane with his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, stating in the description that anything is possible with her. So it can be claimed that it got easier for Barker to get on planes both with the help of his wife and his music career.

You can see the tweets below.

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