Uncovering Kate Bosworth’s ‘Unusual’ Travel Routine

Elif Ozden

In 2020, Hollywood actress Kate Bosworth opened up about her intriguing travel routine that keeps her comfortable and looking her best, even when she’s up in the air. The A-lister, who frequently travels for work, shared with James Corden her plane essentials that range from the necessary to the unusual.


Believe it or not, her secret to surviving those long hours on a plane is a pack of decidedly unglamorous but comfortable socks. Adding to the cozy vibe, she never leaves her home without her favorite pajamas packed and ready. It seems that for Bosworth, comfort is key when it comes to globe-trotting.

However, comfort is not the only thing on her mind; Bosworth also focuses on skincare during her flights. One of her must-haves is a hydrating mask, a device she playfully likens to a Hannibal Lecter mask. This LED-lit tool might raise a few eyebrows on the flight, but for Bosworth, its effects are worth the quizzical looks.

She proudly joins the ranks of travelers who, in her words, ‘look crazy on planes’ with their masks and beauty regimens.

Recently, Bosworth and her partner Justin Long shared their favorite travel essentials in an Amazon Live event. The pair, who have recently announced their engagement and are newlyweds, gave fans a peek into their world of travel, which includes plenty of handy tools for a comfortable journey.

One shared favorite is the Bagsmart Toiletry Bag with a Hanging Hook in Blue, a compact organizer ideal for carrying a variety of skincare products. It’s perfect for anyone looking to keep their hotel suite uncluttered. Also on their list is the Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask in Black, a popular item that has amassed over 66,000 perfect ratings on Amazon.


As for those pesky weight limits on luggage, Bosworth and Long recommend the Travel Inspira Portable Digital Luggage Scale, a tool that lets you weigh your bags before you head to the airport. They also suggest using the Apple AirTag to keep track of your luggage — or playfully, as Bosworth joked, your travel companion.

Their Amazon must-haves go beyond mere practicalities, though. The Furtalk Wide Brim Sun Straw Hat in Mixed Beige and a protective rashguard from Roxy are recommended for those looking to make a stylish splash on their vacation. Notably, Bosworth recently collaborated with Roxy in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Blue Crush.

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