Ville Valo Shares His Strategy To Win The Ego Battle Against Guitarists

Melisa Karakas

Ville Valo recently chatted with Josh Berntstein and discussed his ‘indecisive’ vocal range while sharing his trick to outdo guitarists on stage.

The chat first drifted to Valo’s ‘insane’ vocal range when the host pointed out how the HIM singer’s vocals had been scientifically studied and ranked 8th among the best vocalists in music history. Upon hearing that, Ville seemed amazed with the fact, as he dived deeper into his vocal talent and explained how his range affected him:

“Oh, man. That’s such a weird thing to hear, never heard about that before. Well, I think it [having a wide range] all means that I’m very indecisive when it comes to being a singer. I’m not sure whether I should be a crooner…”

Valo then shared how there seemed to be a ‘never-ending’ ego battle between vocalists and guitarists, and why he used his vocals to make sure his guitarists didn’t take all the attention from him:

“Yeah, I guess, it [what affects him] was musical indecisiveness and you know, the voice is all we have. You want to be heard when you’re in a rock band and you do everything you can [to] take the attention from the guitar player [who’s] trying his best to take the attention from me. It’s a forever ego competition.”

Well, it seemed that Ville has found a trick to overshadow his guitarists in their ‘never-ending’ ego competition, though some fellow singers could have also learned from his cues. From duos such as Axl Rose and Slash to John and Tom Fogerty, many feuds in rock history have proved to fans how things might go wrong between a lead singer and a guitarist.

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