Vinnie Vincent Backs Out Of Hiring Scott Board And Looking For A New Singer

Zehra Kabak

The Nashville premiere of Vinnie Vincent’s new album’ Judgement Day (Guitarmageddon Pt.1)’ on May 19 and 20 was quickly followed by a flurry of announcements and updates regarding his vocal lineup, particularly in reference to Scott Board. The vocalist himself detailed these developments in an extensive Facebook post on Monday.

At the album listening party, the former KISS guitarist was joined on stage by Robert Fleischman and Board, who shared vocal duties during a full-band performance. That evening, Vincent introduced Scott as his new singer and hinted at exciting future projects. This announcement was later shared on the Vinnie Vincent Legion Facebook group but was curiously withdrawn a week later, sparking a wave of confusion.

On May 23, the Ankh Warrior had joyously written on the Facebook group:

“My moment of happiness was jammin’ it out with my new singer Scott Board in our first studio shred performance on some of my favorite songs. For me, the best time playing with a singer I’ve had since Rob, and I cut the [first Vinnie Vincent Invasion] record. [Scott Board] You da man! My friend here’s to us! I raise my glass to you. And it’s only the beginning, my friend.”

However, less than a week after this enthusiastic endorsement, another statement surfaced on the same page that seemed to completely contradict the earlier one:

“Vinnie has not officially chosen a singer at this point and has decided to keep looking. Any affirmative wording regarding a vocalist is misconstrued. Anyone claiming that prized position is incorrect and should immediately cease from promoting that belief and narrative to others.”

This sudden about-face was swiftly followed by a statement revealing that auditions for a new singer were open and that interested artists were welcome to attend.

Scott Board broke his silence on this sequence of events on his Facebook, stating:

“As a lifetime KISS fan, I was very humbled and honored to be asked to join forces with Vinnie Vincent. Not only to sing with him at his album listening party last weekend in Nashville but I was also asked by Vinnie to become his new lead singer a few weeks ago after hearing my vocals on a number of his songs along with samples of some of my other performances.”

He further elaborated on the bond he and Vincent formed at the party, discussing shared interests like their appreciation for old blues artists. The singer also gave insight into the guitarist’s plans of re-recording ‘All Systems Go’ with him and collaborating on new material.

Board claimed that communication between the artists was consistent after the party, which made the sudden change of stance even more surprising. Amidst the excitement and positive feedback from the public, Bad Romeo’s vocalist suspects that this wave of positivity may have provoked the ex-KISS member’s unexpected retraction.

Just as puzzled as his fans, the musician expressed:

“The next thing I know, I received a message from a friend stating Vinnie had released a new statement that he had not named a new singer and that the prior message about me being his new vocalist was misconstrued. I was never contacted by Vinnie or anyone in his camp advising that anything was wrong, nor was I ever informed I was no longer the singer for Vinnie. This came totally out of the blue, and I’m still scratching my head as to what exactly happened.”

Trying to decipher the baffling situation, he stated:

“I didn’t go into any of this blindly or without knowledge of the history surrounding this artist, but I honestly didn’t think this would have happened at this juncture of the journey. I didn’t expect that positive responses and congratulations from my fans and friends would trigger such a negative response from him, but it’s the only thing I could think of that would have changed so quickly after the announcement.”

Regardless of the confusion and disappointment, Scott displayed courtesy toward Vinnie in his statement. He ended his post by extending good wishes to the guitarist and encouraged his fans to do likewise.

As for what’s next, Scott Board will continue to perform with Bad Romeo and plans to release No Love Lost’s new album, ‘Last Call,’ in August. Vincent, on the other hand, plans to send his album’ Judgment Day’ to the press soon.

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