Was Bloodline’s Ending Really A Disappointment

Elif Ozden

‘Bloodline’ had its third and final season released on May 26, 2017. In the wake of this final bow, fans and critics voiced a mix of reactions, with some calling the ending a disappointment. Let’s explore what made the conclusion of ‘Bloodline’ a subject of debate.

Narrative Resolutions


‘Bloodline’ spanned three seasons and had narratives that involved familial ties, personal vendettas, and a web of secrets. Season 1 used a flash-forward narrative technique, hinting at the family murdering one of their own. Season 2 transitioned to flashbacks and showed Danny’s ghost haunting John, and season 3 involved a trial for Marco’s murder.

In the finale season, Meg (Linda Cardellini) ends up in LA, likely free from the Rayburns’ troubles. Kevin’s season is filled with crime and an eventual arrest after an escape attempt fails. Sally (Sissy Spacek), on the other hand, plans to sell the Inn, which will supposedly be underwater in ten years. When it comes to the O’Bannons, Eric is in jail, and Chelsea faces personal and professional downturns. Moreover, John struggles with the decision to disclose the truth about Danny to Nolan.

Many fans were expecting a tight wrap-up of these stories, and there were still lingering questions that remained unanswered.

Audience Expectations and Opinions of Critics


While many fans felt the ending did justice to the story, others had envisioned different outcomes based on personal interpretations of preceding events. Collider argued that perhaps ‘Bloodline’ should have ended after its first season. On the other hand, there were also critics who claimed the final season wasn’t worth watching and criticized the redundant nature of the story and the over-reliance on the cast to keep scenes engaging.

Collider also described ‘Bloodline’ as an ‘increasingly messy experiment’ and criticized it for plot inconsistencies, unresolved threads, and not utilizing its Florida setting or its talented cast to its full potential. Ben Mendelsohn’s (Danny) absence in the final season was also viewed negatively by some critics. So, the finale of ‘Bloodline’ had different reactions, with some critics being harsh while some fans showed enthusiasm.

Netflix canceled ‘Bloodline’ after its third season, so it seems the series has no chance to provide the conclusion that some fans wanted.

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