What Happened To O.J Simpson’s Daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson After The Trial

Elif Ozden

The trial of O.J. Simpson, known for his football career and court cases, has intrigued the public for years. Among those significantly impacted by the turmoil was Simpson’s daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson. Yet, despite the high-profile nature of her father’s affairs, Sydney has navigated the public spotlight with discretion, preferring to keep her personal life private.

How Did The Trial Affect Sydney?


Born on October 17, 1985, Sydney, together with her younger brother Justin Ryan, found themselves thrust into the limelight at a very young age. Their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were tragically murdered in 1994. The subsequent trial of their father, who was accused of the murders, was watched by millions worldwide.

The high-profile court case exposed the siblings to the public eye. In 2014, on the 20-year anniversary of Nicole and Ron’s passing, Sydney’s ex-boyfriend revealed how she felt about the case:

“Everybody contacts Sydney to speak out. She could be an inspiration to so many people, but she’s scared. She doesn’t understand. Hopefully, one day she will. In private, she talked about the murders, of course. Of course, she talked about it. The way she feels, she doesn’t feel like he did it.”

Following the trial and the acquittal of her father in 1995, Sydney lived a life relatively removed from the public eye. She graduated from Gulliver Academy and then attended Boston University, where she earned a degree in Sociology in 2010.

After graduation, Sydney embarked on a journey into the business world. She resided in Atlanta for some time, working as an events coordinator. However, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to relocate to St. Petersburg, Florida, where she became a real estate entrepreneur.

Where Is Sydney Simpson Today?


She currently owns her own business, Simpsy LLC, which is involved in real estate and property management. In addition to this, Sydney owns several rental properties around the St. Petersburg area.

Though Sydney has kept a relatively low profile, she has occasionally been drawn back into the public domain due to ongoing interest in her father’s legal battles. Despite these interruptions, Sydney has steadfastly maintained her privacy.

In terms of her personal life, Sydney remains unmarried and without children. However, it’s reported that she’s been in a relationship with Robert Blackmon. Though she largely stays out of the spotlight, she maintains a close relationship with her brother, Justin, who also resides in Florida and works in the real estate sector.

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