What Happened To The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer After The Cheating Scandal

Elif Ozden

American YouTube quartet The Try Guys, which has entertained millions with their comedic and experimental antics, faced significant changes in its lineup last year. Ned Fulmer, one of the original members of the group, has been removed from the company after revelations about an extramarital affair with an employee.

Consisting of Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Fulmer, The Try Guys gained notoriety while working for BuzzFeed. Their online content ranges from testing their sperm count to wearing women’s underwear.

What Really Happened?


Ned Fulmer’s removal from the company occurred in September 2022 after it was revealed that he was cheating on his wife with a company employee. This came as a surprise to many, as Fulmer’s public persona was built around his family life, often referred to as a ‘wife guy.

Fulmer’s background includes a career in a chemistry lab before transitioning to the media sector. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1987, he attended Yale University, where he majored in chemistry. Before joining BuzzFeed and The Try Guys, Fulmer lived in Chicago, where he worked in a renewable energy lab and performed improv and sketch comedy at night.

Ned’s personal life has been a prominent part of his public image. He is married to Ariel Marie Fulmer, an interior designer, and they have two children together. His family was frequently included in Try Guys’ content, which drew a significant portion of their fan base.

Reactions to Fulmer’s Extramarital Affair


Fulmer admitted to the affair on Twitter, further escalating the controversy surrounding him. The woman with whom Fulmer allegedly cheated was identified as Try Guys producer Alex Herring.

A TikTok user named Brie also claimed to have seen Fulmer and a woman who was not his wife in Burbank, California, in May 2022. The woman allegedly sent a video of Ned with another woman to Ariel Fulmer. This information, however, was not publicly acknowledged until September 2022.

Following the incident, his former colleagues discussed the situation on a podcast episode in October 2022, describing the ordeal as a betrayal of their trust and equating the experience to a breakup. As per Cosmopolitan, Ned’s wife has thanked everyone who reached out and requested privacy for their family in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Aftermath of the Scandal


Despite the controversy, The Try Guys continue to come up with new content. Keith, Zach, and Eugene unfollowed both Alex and Ned on social media after the incident. Some videos were deemed ‘fully unreleasable’ due to Ned’s involvement, and he was edited out of the remaining footage.

The situation was featured in an SNL skit that received backlash from the Try Guys fans. The reason for the backlash was its failure to highlight the power dynamic discrepancy and seeming to poke fun at men holding other men accountable.

Fulmer, on the other hand, has since expressed regret for his actions and emphasized his intention to focus on his marriage and children. Meanwhile, the internet world continues to monitor the situation closely as the consequences of this scandal continue to unfold.

Below, you can watch The Try Guys’ video, where they announced Ned’s departure.

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