What Happened To William True And Lillie Price Stevenson, Kirstie Alley’s Children

Elif Ozden

On December 5, 2022, the world lost Kirstie Alley. Behind the cameras, Kirstie was a mother to her two adopted children, William True Stevenson and Lillie Price Stevenson. Following her passing after a battle with cancer, many are wondering what has become of her children. Today, we’re here to provide you with an update on the siblings.

William True Stevenson


Born on October 5, 1992, William True was adopted by Kirstie and her then-husband, Parker Stevenson, just seven days after his birth.

The couple, who were married from 1983 to 1997, first sought to become parents biologically. Unfortunately, Kirstie suffered a miscarriage eight weeks into her pregnancy in 1990. In her 2005 book, she looked back on those times, saying:

“When the baby was gone, I just didn’t really get over it. Neither did my body. I so thoroughly convinced my body that it was still pregnant after nine months that I had milk coming from my breasts. I was still fat, I was still grieving, and I had just been told it was very possible I would never be able to have children.”

After this incident, they decided to adopt. The adoption process, including medical bills, legal fees, and living expenses for William’s birth mother, amounted to $25,000.

William’s first name honors his maternal great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, Clifford William Alley. His middle name, True, is a traditional name in the Stevenson family.


William True does not follow in his mother’s acting footsteps. Though Kirstie once predicted he might venture into the music industry, William has largely stayed out of the public eye. His focus has been on his life as a licensed captain, co-owning a fishing charters company named Rebel Coast Charters with his wife, Sara.

In 2016, William became a father to Waylon Tripp Parker. He and Sara later married in March 2019 and expanded their family with two more children: Rebel James Parker, born in February 2019, and Kit Parker, born in May 2022.

Kirstie was ecstatic when William got married and when he became a father, as she shared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ She had a slew of nicknames for him, including ‘The Intruder,’ ‘Bud,’ and ‘Butter.’

Lillie Price Stevenson


Lillie was adopted by Kirstie and Parker in 1994. Like her brother, Lillie has also generally avoided the limelight, rarely appearing in public aside from accompanying her mother to red-carpet events. She found love at 16 with her boyfriend Nick Trela, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2014. After Trela’s passing, John Travolta and Kelly Preston comforted the family.

In 2017, Lillie announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Chaffee Burkhart Graham, with a photograph of them kissing in the snow. They later welcomed a son, Ripp Woodrow Graham, in May 2021. One year later, she celebrated the birthday of her son with an Instagram post showing the little boy riding a pony.

The Siblings After Kirstie Alley’s Death


Both William and Lillie released a joint statement on their mother’s Instagram account following her passing, expressing their sorrow and thanking the medical team at Moffitt Cancer Center for their care:

“To all our friends, far and wide around the world… We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce, and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered. She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with a certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead. As iconic as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother. We are grateful to the incredible team of doctors and nurses at the Moffitt Cancer Center for their care.”

The siblings also honored their mother’s zest for life, her love for her children, grandchildren, and her numerous animals, stating that her joy and passion for life were ‘unparalleled.’

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