Whatever Happened To Jane The Virgin’s Rafael Solano, Justin Baldoni

Elif Ozden

Since ‘Jane the Virgin’ aired its last episode nearly four years ago, Justin Baldoni has evolved from an actor to a multifaceted individual involved in filmmaking, writing, and philanthropy. Today, we will explore what Jane the Virgin’s Rafael Solano has been up to since the romantic comedy series wrapped up.

Where It All Began


Many remember Baldoni for his memorable role as Rafael Solano, the hotel owner on ‘Jane the Virgin.’ Interestingly, Baldoni first learned about the show from his wife, Emily, who was auditioning for the role of Petra. Shortly afterward, he auditioned for the role of Rafael and had a chemistry read with Gina Rodriguez. As of now, he has not confirmed any new acting projects but has stated that he would be open to a ‘Jane the Virgin’ reunion and maintains close ties with all his co-stars.

Baldoni’s Career After Jane The Virgin


Although known as an actor, Baldoni has shifted his focus to documentary filmmaking and directing. He helmed the drama romance movie ‘Five Feet Apart,‘ featuring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson. Another directing credit is ‘Clouds,‘ a film based on the life of musician Zach Sobiech that was later acquired by Disney+ for distribution.

It’s reported that he is also slated to direct, produce, and star in an upcoming movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s bestselling novel, ‘It Ends With Us.’ Future projects include ‘The Senior‘ and ‘Empire Waist,‘ both in post-production as a producer, and ‘Laughing at My Nightmare,‘ also in post-production as director and executive producer.

Baldoni as A Man of Many Hats


In addition to filmmaking and acting, Baldoni has ventured into the literary world with his book, ‘Man Enough: Undefining my Masculinity.’ The book, which delves into his experiences confronting traditional masculinity, is the first in a series of three focused on the subject.

A children’s version, ‘Boys Will Be Human,‘ was released in October 2022. He also hosts a podcast named ‘The Man Enough Podcast,’ addressing topics like toxic masculinity and male vulnerability.

When not in the director’s chair or on set, the actor spends some of his time on fundraising and philanthropic activities. He has been actively raising money for the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma fund in honor of Nathalia Hawley. Hawley passed away from a rare form of bone cancer, and Baldoni made her final wish come true by taking her to a specially organized event called the WinterBall.

Though successful in his career, Baldoni believes in the importance of hard work and patience. He encourages young people to understand that success is often the result of years of effort and that failure is not the end but part of the journey.

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