Where Is Craig Lamar Traylor, Stevie From Malcolm In The Middle Now

Elif Ozden

First airing in 2000, ‘Malcolm in the Middle‘ centered on a traditional family navigating the chaos of everyday life, with Craig Lamar Traylor portraying Stevie Kenarban. Fast-forward to today, it’s been over two decades since the show debuted and nearly 17 years since it wrapped up in 2006. But where is Traylor now?

From San Bernardino to Hollywood


Traylor was born on March 19, 1989, in San Bernardino County. Prior to his role in ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ at the age of seven, he appeared in the TV series ‘ER‘ and the film ‘Matilda.‘ His breakthrough, however, came at age 11 when he was cast as Stevie Kenarban, Malcolm’s asthmatic, wheelchair-bound best friend.

Over the show’s seven-year run, Traylor’s character appeared in 58 episodes.

Traylor’s Life Post Malcolm in the Middle


After the curtains closed on ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ Traylor stepped back from the spotlight. While he briefly returned to acting in 2011 with roles in movies ‘Fred & Vinnie‘ and ‘Dance Fu,‘ by 2012, he shifted his focus to other interests, notably jewelry-making. He is also a tattoo artist, spiritualist, and wire artist, creating wearable art.

His Current Endeavors


Currently, Traylor’s passion is creating pieces of jewelry in the wire-wrapping niche. In 2021, he furthered his expertise by enrolling in a Brooklyn school to get a license for diamond and gem handling.

There was a brief period in 2014 when reports surfaced about Traylor joining a cult and entering a period of isolation. However, as of the latest updates, Traylor resides in New York, focusing on his jewelry creations and leading a life away from Hollywood.

Traylor’s Personal Life


While many former child actors maintain their visibility through social media and public appearances, Traylor doesn’t have a social media presence, and interviews are rare. His move to New York in 2021 for his professional career is one of the few recent updates available about his personal life.

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