Where Is Richard Thomas Of The Waltons And Ozark, See His Net Worth In 2023

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With a career spanning over six decades, Richard Thomas, known for his Emmy-winning role as John-Boy Walton on the classic CBS drama, ‘The Waltons,’ continues to grace our screens with his versatile talent. From a young ballet dancer’s son to a much-loved television and film star, his journey continues to inspire. Most recently, Thomas has won new admirers through his role in Netflix’s award-winning series, ‘Ozark.’ Here’s a journey through Thomas’s acting career and a look into his net worth in 2023.

The Beginning Of Thomas’ Journey


Thomas was born on June 13, 1951, in New York City. The world of dance and performance was not unfamiliar to young Thomas; his parents, Barbara Fallis and Richard Scott Thomas, were celebrated dancers and founders of the New York School of Ballet. This artistic environment naturally had an influence on Richard, who took his first steps toward stardom at an early age.

While he was a student at Columbia University, Thomas got the opportunity to play John-Boy Walton in the historical drama series ‘The Waltons.’ The offer led him to drop out of college and dive into the world of television. It was a decision that brought him fame, recognition, and an Emmy Award for his portrayal of John-Boy.

His Career Was Marked By Diverse Roles


Thomas has remained active in the entertainment industry since his debut and appeared in several popular television series. These include ‘The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson,’ ‘The Americans,’ ‘Tell Me Your Secrets,’ and, more recently, the final season of the crime drama ‘Ozark’ in 2022. In addition to his TV career, Thomas also has an impressive filmography, including appearances in ‘Last Summer,’ ‘Red Sky at Morning,’ ‘Wonder Boys,’ and ‘The Unforgivable.’

Thomas Nearly Died In A Serious Accident


Success did not come without its trials for Thomas. While filming for ‘The Waltons,’ he met with a serious motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his life. At that time, he was also acting in a James Dean tribute movie named ‘September 30, 1955.’ The film’s director James Bridges recalled the scene which caused the accident:

“It was the scene where Richard revs up his motorcycle in defiance of the townspeople at the homecoming parade. He looked over his shoulder and took off. The motorcycle jolted forward and headed for the flatbed of a truck.”

Despite his injuries, Thomas continued his journey in the entertainment world, filming ‘The Waltons’ and even walking with a cane during its fifth season episode, ‘The First Edition.’ The accident, however, delayed his work on the movie ‘September 30, 1955,’ by over a year.

Beyond ‘The Waltons’ And Thomas’ Personal Life


In 1977, after five seasons of ‘The Waltons,’ Thomas decided to part ways with the series to explore new opportunities. He moved on without any controversy or bad blood with the show or the network. His role as John-Boy Walton was later taken over by actor Robert Wightman for Seasons 8 and 9 of the series.

Even after his exit, Thomas made occasional appearances in ‘The Waltons,’ reprising his role in Season 6 and in several movie adaptations of the show in the 90s.

On the personal front, Richard married Alma Gonzales in 1975, with whom he shares four children. The couple decided to part ways in 1993. A year later, Richard found love again in Georgiana Bischoff. The couple, together since 1994, share a son. Thomas is also a stepfather to Bischoff’s daughters from her previous relationship.

Richard Thomas’ Net Worth In 2023


His decades-long career in the entertainment industry has brought Richard not just fame but also financial success. As of 2023, his net worth stands at $6 million. His real estate portfolio includes a home in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood, bought in 1995 and sold in 2004, and an apartment in the Alwyn Court building in New York City, which they sold in 2021. The couple now primarily resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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