Why Cristin Milioti’s Underrated Made For Love Canceled After Only 2 Seasons

Bihter Sevinc

HBO canceled ‘Made For Love,’ which was based on Alissa Nutting’s book, and starred Cristin Milioti as the main character, Hazel Green Gogol, after its second season in June 2022. It followed the changes at HBO Max’s parent company, Warner Bros, which merged with Discovery to become Warner Bros Discovery.

However, there was no official reason provided for the cancellation. An HBO Max representative explained in a statement to Entertainment Weekly in 2022:

“We are tremendously grateful for the truly spectacular journey of these past two seasons, courtesy of Alissa Nutting, Christina Lee, Cristin, Billy, Ray, and the entire ‘Made For Love’ cast and creative team — especially Zelda the talking dolphin and everyone’s favorite synthetic love interest, Diane. Like a Gogol chip, the series will always be on our minds.”

After the news of ‘Made For Love’ being canceled, some fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts. One user commented:

“Not surprising, no one really noticed this show at all, no one talked about it, and there are very few articles about it at all.”

Another Reddit user expressed his feelings, saying:

“Well, this is disappointing. It wasn’t peak TV, but I thought it was fun and explored a lot of interesting concepts. The second season wasn’t as strong as the first, but I was pretty excited to see how the third season would play out after that finale.”

‘Made For Love,’ which started in 2021, told the story of Hazel. She left her billionaire husband, Byron, but later discovered he’d put a spy chip in her brain. She sought refuge in her hometown with her dad and his synthetic partner.

In Season 2, Hazel went back to the high-tech place she’d escaped from to help her dad, who had cancer. However, things got complicated when she and Byron got caught up in his company’s creepy new technology.

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