Why LeBron James’ Space Jam 2 Failed Miserably In Box Office

Elif Ozden

Despite the anticipation surrounding LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam 2,’ it did not perform as expected at the box office. There were multiple factors that contributed to this result. Let’s dive into the reasons behind the film’s lackluster reception.

High Expectations Following the Original


Released in 1996, the original ‘Space Jam’ starred Michael Jordan and became a classic among fans. Its blend of animation and live-action, paired with its storyline, set high expectations. The legacy of the original film created pressure for ‘Space Jam 2,’ and it seems it struggled to live up to those standards.

LeBron James replaces Michael Jordan in the sequel, and the premise involves a virtual basketball game for the freedom of his videogamer son.

Character changes include Pepé Le Pew being removed from the sequel and a less sexualized version of Lola Bunny. Besides, Warner Bros. integrated other movie scenes and characters like ‘The Matrix,’ ‘Austin Powers,’ and ‘Casablanca’ within the movie. This was also another reason for concern.

The movie, from its start, focuses on LeBron James’s career, including his response to Laura Ingraham. On the other hand, the original film had a personal connection to Michael Jordan’s life when he retired to play baseball.

The director of the original ‘Space Jam,’ Joe Pitka, criticized the film for not capturing what made the original successful, such as the popularity of the NBA and Michael Jordan in 1996.

Changes in the Audience’s Viewing Habits


With the rise of streaming platforms, a significant portion of the audience has shifted away from traditional cinema-going. By 2023, many viewers have become accustomed to on-demand content, making it hard for films to draw the same crowds to theaters as in previous decades.

For some, Hollywood’s lack of clarity on its target audience for nostalgia also led to the box office failure of ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy.’

The Film Received Mixed Reviews


While LeBron James is among the biggest names in basketball, his venture into acting was met with mixed reviews from critics. Although some praised the film’s animation quality and the new generation of Looney Tunes characters, others felt that the plot fell flat and did not do justice to the original.

After the film’s release, Joe Pytka provided a harsh review of the sequel, stating, ‘LeBron ain’t Michael.’ Pytka also mentioned he struggled to watch the sequel and believed James did not match up to Jordan in the context of the ‘Space Jam’ narrative.

According to Pytka, the sequel had an ‘insignificant‘ soundtrack and a less superior supporting cast compared to the original. His critique also extended to the depiction of Bugs Bunny, saying he appeared disconnected from previous versions of the character.

In the end, ‘Space Jam 2’ has received mixed reviews, with critics rating it at 25% on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences rating it at 79%. The original ‘Space Jam’ had a critics rating of 43% and an audience rating of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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