Why Lucy Fry Asked To Replace Debby Ryan In Night Teeth

Bihter Sevinc

‘Night Teeth,’ a 2021 American vampire thriller directed by Adam Randall and scripted by Brent Dillon, debuted on October 20, 2021, via Netflix. The story revolves around a young chauffeur, portrayed by Jorge Lendeborg Jr, who escorts two enigmatic women through a night of parties, only to discover their true nature, leading to a fight for survival.

Within the movie’s web of relationships, suspicion, attraction, and danger intermingle as the trio navigates the night. Lucy Fry, known for her roles as characters with benevolent spirits, embraced the opportunity to explore a darker side by portraying Zoe, a 200-year-old vampire, in the film. Interestingly, Fry and Debby Ryan, cast as Blaire, considered swapping roles during the casting process.

Lucy expressed her eagerness for a change of pace in a 2021 conversation with The Hollywood Reporter:

“I haven’t had the chance before to play the bad guy, so that was really exciting to me.”

She further revealed:

“What’s interesting is that [director] Adam [Randall] was originally thinking of me for Blaire and Debby [Ryan] for Zoe. But Debby had recently played a character who was more of the bad guy, and she wanted to play the humanity of Blaire. And since I often play that kind of character where it’s about the heart and humanity, I was really drawn to playing someone who’s a little more of a raw nerve and likes to create chaos.”

In the rest of her interview, Fry also said that director Adam Randall’s guidance was pivotal in the development of her portrayal of Zoe. Fry praised Randall’s directorial skills, emphasizing his role in establishing an environment that enabled the actors to fully embrace their characters and contribute to the story’s dynamics.

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