Why Nathan Kress’ Net Worth Is Way Less Than iCarly Co-Star Miranda Cosgrove’s

Zehra Kabak

The Nickelodeon show ‘iCarly’ bounced back onto screens in 2021 with most of its original cast. Main actors Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress in the series, which aired its third season this year.

After their last collaboration on the original series finale in 2012, Cosgrove and Kress embarked on different journeys to establish their separate careers. These paths over the years have influenced the current state of their net worth.

Today, Cosgrove boasts a net worth of $10 million, outpacing Kress, who stands at $1.5 million. The actress’ financial lead can mainly be traced to her run in the music industry following her breakout in ‘iCarly.’

She released her solo album, ‘Sparks Fly,’ in 2010, a few years after contributing to the Nickelodeon show’s soundtrack. Her musical work also found its way to other projects, such as the soundtrack for ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.’

Meanwhile, Kress played a role in the Nickelodeon film ‘Gym Teacher: The Movie,’ but the tight filming schedule of the early ‘iCarly’ seasons limited his opportunities. After 2010, he started appearing in more movies and TV shows with a guest role in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.’

The actor branched out his career in 2019 by launching a podcast named ‘RadioActiveDads,’ as Cosgrove continued to take part in different singing and acting gigs, such as Netflix’s ‘3022.’ These career decisions contributed to their net worth, but other factors also came into play.

In the context of the ‘iCarly’ series, it’s likely that the payouts Cosgrove and Kress received played a role in shaping their respective wealth. While Kress’s earnings are unclear, his co-star set a record as the highest-paid child actor with $180,000 per episode at the time.

Cosgrove’s early start in the industry gave her an advantage. She began her acting career at three and went on without a break until her Nickelodeon era. On the other hand, Kress took a hiatus from acting at age six to focus on his studies and only returned to the industry at age eleven.

We don’t know how much they are making for the rebooted project today. Still, both Cosgrove and Kress are gearing up for the fourth season of ‘iCarly.’ The release date is currently under wraps, but fans believe that it will air in spring 2024 like the other three seasons.

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