Willa Holland’s Suspicious Disappearance From Arrow Explained

Zehra Kabak

Willa Holland has recently returned to the film industry after a seven-year absence following her departure from ‘Arrow’ in 2017. Her character Thea’s story in the show originally ended during season 6 when she left Star City for a new mission.

Producer Marc Guggenheim, who reduced Holland’s role in her last two seasons upon her request, explained that the actress wanted some personal time away from her role in the series.

Following that, co-star Stephen Amell told TVLine:

“Quite frankly, the most important thing when you’re doing a show like this, and you’re doing 23 episodes [per season], and you’re working long, hard hours, you need to make sure that everyone that’s here wants to be here.”

Then, he shared his thoughts about the actress and her decision not to renew her contract for any more seasons by saying:

“Willa was nothing short of professional and excellent and always delivered tremendous performances. But I know that she wanted to move on with her career. And I totally respect that. And I’m glad that she’s going to get that opportunity.”

After her departure from the main cast, Holland made brief appearances in ‘Arrow,’ guest-starring in its seventh season and returning for a few episodes in the final one.

Following these, the actress didn’t join any new projects except for a voice acting gig in the game series ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and remained silent about her absence from the industry.

Meanwhile, Cineverse announced the US release date for Holland’s latest film, ‘The Dirty South,’ to be November 2023. The ‘Arrow’ actress will appear as Sue Parker in the upcoming Western thriller, which also features Shane West and Dermot Mulroney.

A trailer for the film directed by Matthew Yerby is yet to be released, but you can see its poster below.

Photo Credit: IMDb
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