Wolfgang Van Halen Admits He’s Under Pressure Due To His Career

Bihter Sevinc

Following the recent release of his second album with Mammoth WVH, ‘Mammoth II,’ Wolfgang Van Halen discussed the pressure he feels for his future career during a new chat with Heavy Consequence.

‘Mammoth II’ just arrived on August 4, but the rocker was still asked about his plans for upcoming music. Wolf explained why he feels under pressure about putting out some new material in his response:

“I’m certainly stressing out about it already, considering that ‘Mammoth II’ actually did better than the first one did in the first week and everything; I feel obligated to do even better, so it’s just more pressure now and more stress. But for right now, I’m just going to try and focus on the headline tour, and maybe after that, I’ll really apply myself and prepare for ‘Mammoth III.'”

In a follow-up question, the singer also opened up about his late father, Eddie Van Halen’s possible reaction to his achievements with Mammoth WVH, saying:

“Oh, he’d be so crazy proud. He’d be exactly how my mom has been, which is just not shutting up and being as proud as can be. I really wish he could see everything going on. He’d be stoked.”

Van Halen once again handled vocals and played all the instruments in his latest release, just as he did on the first record. Revealing why he chooses to play everything himself, the musician stated in an August interview with USA Today:

“From its inception, Mammoth has been my own personal artistic expression outlet that now it’s like, this is how we do it. Plus, I have such a good time. I don’t get to play drums too much anymore; now, it’s only when I’m recording. Would I be against doing it with a band in the future? Not at all. But this has been working so far, and I have a wonderful time doing it.”

Wolfgang will have a chance to promote his new record with Mammoth WVH in his upcoming fall tour, which kicks off in Milwaukee on November 4 and concludes with a final show in Los Angeles on December 9. The tour will also feature Nita Strauss as the supporting musician.

You can listen to the full album below.

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