Yungblud Believes People Should Stop Being Afraid Of Getting Canceled

Elif Ozden

Yungblud recently sat down with The Allison Hagendorf Show to discuss how he found his creative freedom. He argued that both music and culture need an injection, and people shouldn’t be afraid of the cancel culture at all.

In his words, Yungblud said:

“I just feel like music needs an injection; I think even culture does; everyone’s f*cking terrified to say anything at all. Everyone is terrified to actually express themselves. So, it’s like you dilute what you want to say because you’re terrified of getting a thousand angry people to jump on top of you.”

He then continued, explaining his approach:

“I think it needs to have a bit of bite back. As long as you mean it liberally, just f*cking say it in a way that’s going to excite me again. It’s all got a little bit like f*cking hippie commune, and I’m down for that. The message has got to be that, but I just want it to be with a bit more bite and a bit more wet.”

In a 2022 interview with Gay Express, Yungblud said that it’s hard, but his main objective is the courage to be who he is:

“The main objective is courage. It’s the hardest thing in the world to be who you are. Because if you hide it, even just a little bit, to fit in, it instantly feels easier. To be who you are, you have to put your heart on a silver plate for anyone to do what they want with it. They can stab it, kiss and cuddle it, or even take a shit on it.”

Yungblud has been accused of queerbaiting and trying to appeal to the LGBTQ+ community for career success. He also received backlash for covering Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions,’ but got Brian May’s support.

The musician released his new song ‘Lowlife’ on June 7.

You can watch the interview below.

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